Eric VINCENT c/o MADURA 11 Bd de la Bastille 75012 Paris/France, hereby, agrees to perform 1 (One) Concert,  under the  following conditions:



DATE:                                                      TIME:  from                     to   

The Organizer                                                                                                            

 agrees to pay Eric VINCENT a total of  $  1 320                                  
This net fee
is payable upon completion of the concert  by check to the order of Eric VINCENT 
and consists of:

 - 1) Royalties covering artist rights, neighboring rights, including
performing rights and reproduction rights,  and professional expenses (insurance,  French security taxes, promotional material, etc...).
- 2) a share of travel expenses (visa, plane fares, rental cars, per diem between concerts, etc…).

The organizer will provide:
*on the eve of the concert if it's a morning concert, the night after the concert for an evening concert.
OPTIONAL: If convenient for the Organiser, an advance partial payment of  $ 500 towards business expenses can be made, ahead of time, to MADURA by check to the order of Marie-Claude BARBIN (we can provide an invoice for that).
Eric VINCENT                                                     The  ORGANIZER