Eric VINCENT <One man band concert>

Technical Requirements

 A one hour rehearsal period is required (about one hour and half before the concert)


A good sound system :
   One Amplifier (stéréo )  and 1 Mixer
  a  Powered Mixer
  - 2
Main Speakers (JBL, Electrovoice, Bose, for example)
  - 2 Monitors
  - 4  cables (XLR male/XLR female)
  - 2 cables for guitar (1/4 inchJack on each end)
  - 1 microphone  stand  ( straight )
  - 2 DI Box
  - Extension cords for power and multi-plugs
  "AA/1.5V Battery"      x  3 
  "9V Alkaline Battery" x 2 

We provide wireless systems and mics for Eric's vocal and guitar & we carry our own mixing board that will be plugged, either to your amplifier or Mixer:   



    Several spotlights, preferably :
  - 1000 Watts spots x 4
  - 500W x 4
  - Color filters (Good variety of colours: red/blue/yellow/straw etc (not green))
  - a follow spot (optional)
  - A lighting Technician.

Eric will sing, most of the time, in the middle of the stage, more or less at 3 feet  from the stagefront. Thanks to set the main spotlight, coming from a little forward, at this spot. Other light sources would be appreciated on each side.  Eric will move during the show on each side along the stagefront, so this area should be, occasionaly, enlightened also. Vertical beams would be great also.


 - A bottle of water  should be placed on the stage next to the bar-stool prior to the concert.

 -  A confortable room back stage.
 - In the room back stage:  Mirrors, hangers, a towel, a bottle of water and  two bananas
 - a coffee with cream and a cup of hot water would be appreciated during the sound check

- If possible, A table and 1 person to sell CDs after the show. Eric has CD’s for sale, and will be happy to autograph photos, programs etc...


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